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Women around the the world are faced with the hard tasks of caring for families with limited resources. We are working to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of women by empowering and equipping them with the resources and tools they need to improve the lives of their families.



UIS data show that 750 million adults – two-thirds of whom are women – still lack basic reading and writing skills, according to the latest available data for 2016 (see Table 1). 

   Statistical Data

What We Provide

Entrepreneurship can play a vital role in creating economic opportunities and changing lives. Pinnacle of Hope will  provide entrepreneurial training and leadership skills opportunities to women.  Our focus will be on assisting women with starting a business or expanding an existing one.​  We are committed to working with local and international partners to provide long-term entrepreneurship opportunities in the US and the Caribbean.

The duration of the program is three months which comprises of in-classroom sessions/field study and follow-ups. This training will challenge the student’s mind toward conducting research, making preparations and developing a solid framework for building a success business. 


Participants will have the opportunity to present their business plan to a panel of business owners and professionals to qualify for the $500 start-up prize at the end of the training. (Only available to participants of the Entrepreneur Training Program)

Our Entrepreneurial Training Program will: 


            Grow entrepreneurial networks by creating international partnerships.

​            Allow participants to pursue their dreams by harnessing their creativity.

            Transform the ideas of participants into tangible enterprises that create economic and social values.

  • Please note that we will also host Entrepreneur seminars. (First seminar is scheduled for 11.3.2020 - 11.13.2020

Our Entrepreneur Training Program will begin in Carrefour Feuilles, Haiti in January 2021.

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