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The 2018 Huntington Backpack Index states that the cost of school supplies were reduced in 2018.

The report cautioned that, “Regardless of reduction in this year's cost, the price of school supplies remains a challenge for low-income families and for teachers who often supplement supplies for their classrooms."

Each year students return to school without the basic school supplies needed to have a successful year. Families living in poverty, struggle each year with the cost of educational resources and school supplies for K-12 education. To be able to fully participate in classroom activities, a child must have all of the relevant materials at their disposal. Furthermore, without adequate supplies students lack the confidence they need to return to school and focus on their education. 


Our team has witnessed first hand, students in Haiti returning to school without the basic essentials to start off the school year. Since 2010, this has led us to work closely with families and partner schools to equip students in need with backpacks, school and art supplies in La Chapelle, Labranle, Vye Kay, Carrefour Feuilles and Petite Baie Du Mesle, Haiti. 

To help lift the financial burden for families in need, our "Equipped to Learn" campaign ensures that students will have the essential school supplies and resources they need as they prepare for the new school year. Starting  2019, our "Equipped to Learn Campaign" will involve select students in need in Miami Gardens going on a shopping spree for back to school items at Walmart.* Our aim is to assist families and build bridges of Hope within our community.

In addition, we will continue our campaign to provide desperately needed back to school supplies for students in other countries.

*(Students will be recommended by school personnel).

                                   2020 BACK TO SCHOOL EVENT

**Only children selected by a school personnel will be allowed to register

   for participation in our Back to School Shopping spree.


A special "Thank You" to Walmart, St Vincent de Paul Society and to all of our individual donors for making this possible!  

Due to Covid-19 our Shop with a Cop event was not held with students, however students at Edison Park K-8, students in Kafou Fey and Arcahaie, Haiti were recipients of this year's Equipped to Learn Back to School giveaway.

*See our gallery for more information

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