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Our objective is to build stronger communities by providing opportunities for individuals to give back through service in our and globally.  United communities happens when all sectors of society work together towards common goals.  When we give back it revives Hope in communities.  Those members of society that have felt forgotten are now inspired by the hope that they received. Working together as a community on such projects, will have a lasting impact as it teaches us how to serve others as God has called us to serve.


Communities are being transformed as we work in partnership with local schools, businesses, churches and other organizations to transform lives through our quarterly community service projects. 


Three quarterly service dates are scheduled  to complete specified projects as needs are identified in communities.

Project examples but not limited to: 

• Hospital and/nursing home visits

• Painting/ planting gardens from select communities    

​• School visits to assist with educational resources and conduct educational enrichment programs/

   Assist teachers with student activities 

• Read to students in the classrooms

​• Prison visits

• Visit orphanages (based on project location)


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