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Pinnacle of Hope, Inc. is helping vulnerable families locally and globally. In our community and countries around the world, families lack the resources and opportunities they need to improve their lives and to break the cycle of poverty. To assist families stuck in the vicious cycle of poverty we plan to provide Ways to Save workshops, entrepreneurial training, and through partnerships provide access to microfinance for those in third world countries. 

Pinnacle of Hope, Inc. will make available the resources and training needed for marginalized families to start small businesses. We do this by making sure that children and their families have access to a quality education, through life skills training, by providing the information needed to access government sponsored programs as well as small business grants.


Your monthly gift to our program can help equip, empower and provide training to families that will impact their households and community. See how together we can work to make an economic impact around the world by becoming a program sponsor or making a donation to assist with start-up cost for our program participants.

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