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           "Six out of ten children and adolescents are not learning globally"                                   

        UNESCO Institute of Statistics Fact Sheet No. 46 | September 2017


There are many opportunities to impact the life of a child and one of the most rewarding way is through Educational Sponsorship. According to a UNESCO UIS report, the education systems around the world are failing to provide a quality education and decent classroom conditions in which children can learn.  Vulnerable children, are left behind because they cannot attend school due to the lack of financial resources to afford the cost of tuition and other school related expenses.


Sponsoring a student, allows primary school age children and youth who do not have the financial resources are afforded the opportunity to attend school.  Sponsorship covers the cost of tuition, books, school supplies, uniforms and other expenses for each recipient. Our aim is to eradicate poverty, by providing equal access to education in countries of need.  Children are given an opportunity to succeed through sponsorship.


With access to an education, families can reach beyond the boundaries set by the vicious cycle of poverty.  Sponsorship is available for students 6 to 18 years old.

To begin you can complete our online form or feel free to complete, print and mail it to address listed.

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